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I have constructed a portfolio of projects for us that involves some pretty distinctive and reputable companies.  If we are successful we will reverse all of the pollution  caused by these companies.  I believe these companies want to be clean and if given the right opportunity, will work with us. 
We have what it takes and the answer is simple. 
We reverse emissions by planting trees. 

All of the contacts that I have included below are designated project leaders.  Each "project leader" has a relationship with a key individual that is needed to introduce our objectives to these corporations. 

We can change the world and make our earth clean again.
We can embed the conscious philosophy of taking care of the earth. 
Our policies implement what was originally designed as the Kyoto Protocol established by the United Nations. 
However, since it is not recognized in the United States - we make it a reality. 
Our goal is to approach these companies with options that would eliminate their total emissions and pollution. 
For the major petroleum corporations and airlines we are able to inject carbon dioxide (CO2) into shale zones where a living anaerobic microbe then converts the CO2 into oxygen (O2) and natural gas.

We have collected an array of algae, anaerobic microbes, fungus, leonardite, and tree species that all serve a particular remediation purpose.  
-  The Colonel 

Company Carbon Credit / Offset Program
& Environmental Branding

Project Leaders

Adam Good - Tesla Motor Company
Joey Keating - Weyerhaeuser Paper Company
Chris Sanders - AERA, TGC, & UPS
Ford Seeman - Sambazon & Quicksilver

Jessie Torres - J.B. Hunt Trucking Company

Ford Seeman and I will assist you on all of your projects as you should expect challenges in presenting what we have to offer.  This is a brand new concept, there are no failures here because this is a new frontier, and the cool part about that, is that we are all pioneers in this together. 
Cast your fears a side, and come walk the straight path with us. 
It all starts with one tree!
Is your faith even the size of a mustard seed?
Because that is all we need.


Tesla will involve two phases.  First we plant enough trees to offset their vehicles on the road.  Phase #2 We plant enough trees to offset the entire production of the vehicle.  From the tires, plastic, glass, wires, etc.  We add up all of the pollution with Elon Musk and get his babies and TESLA MOTORS 100% clean. 
Adam Good this one will make us look Good all the way around. 
Look what we are teamed up with.
Adam Good, Joey Keating, Chris Sanders, & Ford Seeman


Weyerhaeuser creates sustainable solutions to the world's challenges through the development of innovative forest products that are essential to everyday lives.  We will introduce two new crops to their sustainable forestry package.  The Kiri Tree and Industrial Hemp.  In order for them to participate we are aligned with the company family and have designed a package such as: over their current land holdings we will split over after we have surpassed the normal tree profits.  Such as if their current trees produce $10 in 10 years a $1 a year and we introduce a crop that produces $20 in 10 years.  We have added 10 dollars or 100% out of that 100% we would like 50% and in our 50% we split that up evenly with Weyerhaeuser Heirs and our company.  Therefore everybody is happy.  Weyerhaeuser is already a non emission company based off of their tree production.  Joey - Chris - this is a big one for us.
Joey Keating, Chris McGowan, Chris Sanders

3. J.B.Hunt
J.B. Hunt - This is one of America's largest trucking companies.  Our goal here is simple.  For every semi truck that J.B. Hunt has operating.  We / Sustainable Forestry will plant 8 trees.  Understand that the Weyerhaeuser trees, even their current trees, could turn J.B. Hunt into a zero pollution company. 
Our goal is to plant 8 trees for every truck that J B HUNT has operating on the road.
Jessie James Torres

# 4  This project just seemed to land in our lap...maybe.
Ford Seeman has a friend named Adam Pratt, really nice guy.  He is tried in with Sambazon and his friend owns Quicksilver.  I would love to have Sambazon "Branded" like Mantis Destroyer whereas: "Every Bottle Sold Plants A Tree!"  We can then take Sambazon's tax money and use it for planting their crops here in the states on a non profit basis where Adam wants us. This can be done for free and we can even plant forests in the US and Brazil all using US tax money as we have designed with Mantis and certain Oil and Gas Companies. 
Ford see if Adam wants to be involved. 
I am listing you both as project leaders for this if that is okay?
Ford Seeman, Adam Pratt

Ford we will take what we have developed with Mantis Destroyer
and apply it to the companies above.

5. UPS / The Gas Company Shell / ExxonMobile / Aera
#5 UPS runs their fleet on natural gas.  With a little tree planting we can easily turn UPS it into a zero impact mail carrier.  They are natural gas vehicles which have very little emissions.  I say Land fleet because I have not calculated the emissions from their jets.  However with CO2 injection in the oilfield through Aera we can easily match their total pollution.  I will consult AERA on CO2 and tree planting as they have inherited a newly identified nature reserve in California, oddly enough this project just fell into my lap.
Chris Sanders

Money for Energy Companies California SB71

Californian Clean Energy Manufacturing Companies Benefit From ... Environment Green Policy
Nov 30, 2010 - Under the new tax policy that has passed this year in California (SB71), clean energy companies are awarded with tax deduction as an ...

The companies below endorse tree planting 
and are able to use tax proceeds to plant trees!



Mantis Destroyer

Robusta Bean


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Every time a product is sold - a tree is born!
We plant that tree - tax free from product sales!

Our Projects - Companies & Liaisons
We have constructed a portfolio that combines read outs of major companies in the United States and their emissions.  Our goal is to approach these companies with options that would eliminate their total emissions and pollution.  Our method of pollution elimination is through tree planting.  We have collected an array of tree species that all serve a particular purpose.  The Kiri Tree is a species that our company holds the license for the genetic.  It is all natural, no GMO.  In fact nothing that we do has genetic modifications because as a group we are against such practices.

Company Carbon Credit / Offset Program
Environmental Branding

 The Kiri Tree - Using Tax money to reforest America!                 The Kiri Tree - Branding - using tax money to plant the forest


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