The Kiri Tree

kiri coffe every bag sold plants a kiri tree

Do you have a product?  Do you own a company?
You can pay our government that can't even stay open.
You can save birds, cats, dogs, and horses through
911 Animal Rescue, Inc. a California 501(C)3 non-profit charity.

You can plant trees and provide clean energy and water through.
Sustainable Angels, Inc. a California 501(c)3 non-profit charity
help those that are blind or have cancer through
Cancer Canines, Inc. a 501(C)3 non-profit charity

Signing up is as easy as making a donation below.
Or have your CPA  contact us to discuss tax options.

Anyone can make a up to a $10,000 tax deductable donation
we have established a 501C3 non profit charity

that has established a tree planting charity. 
We plant Trees - That is our Ministry - The earth.

Why donate to us?
Who else can plant on your property for free?
Who else is planting the US National Forests,

providing trees for the Boy Scouts of America,
remediating toxic spills, and has established a
carbon credit option for US Companies?

Who else is planting trees to clean the air in America?
We are the only company that has setup and established
a successful carbon credit program
(based off of the Japanese Kyoto Protocol)

with an international forest community
dedicated to cleaning the air of our planet.

Lets keep the rainforests alive together.
When making a donation be specific
on the area and type of tree you want planted.

Such as:
I want to plant: Sequoiadendron giganteum
California Redwood
in the Yosimite US National Forest.
For your information.  We are allowed to reforest the US National Forests that have been burned so long as we use indigeous seeds from the areas afftected by forests fires.  This process creates US jobs.
Sustainable Angels, Inc.
Chris Sanders

Teams up with Mantis Destroyer!
"Every Bottle Sold Plants A Tree!"




These companies endorse products and are able to use tax proceeds to plant trees!



Sustainable Forestry, Inc.
Eco Products
Cafe Brazil
Canephora Coffee
Kharma Coffee
Forest Coin Coffee
Mantis Coffee
Mantis Destroyer
Robusta Bean

What we do
Every time a product is sold - a tree is born!
We plant that tree - tax free from product sales!

Pending - Companies & Liasons
We have constructed a portfolio that combines read outs of major companies in the United States and their emissions.  Our goal is to approach these companies with options that would eliminate their total emmissions and pollution.  Our method of pollution elimination is through tree planting.  We have collected an array of tree species that all serve a particular purpose.  The Kiri Tree is a species that our company holds the license for the genetic.  It is all natural, no GMO.  In fact nothing that we do has genetic modifications because as a group we are against such practices.

 The Kiri Tree - Using Tax money to reforest America!                 The Kiri Tree - Branding - using tax money to plant the forest




The Japanese Kiri tree could be the only tree to grow.
 Need Water?  No problem Air to Water technology is on location.
The western pine beetle has decimated the US pine forest and has left many of the cities in the US exposed to dead trees, ready to ignite being coated in their own oils.   This presents a major fire danger in cities across the United States.  The Kiri Tree is the answer because it does not catch fire like a pine tree or like eucalyptus tree.  In fact it is more of a fire barrier.  The leaf is the number #1 fish food for talapia.  It produces 10 times more oxygen than the average tree.  It breathes in ten times more carbon dioxide and as such receives international carbon credits.  It prevents mudslides.  On 640 acres it yielded $500 million in lumber in five years in California.  Or on a 24 month rotation it can produce 
$200 million for biomass exported to Europe. It is the answer to a US green economy.  It is a pollution solver as 8 kiri trees eliminates the pollution from a semi truck running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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