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Every Bottle Sold Plants A Tree!



*We, help you, help mother nature help herself.
For every bottle you drink we plant a seed.
That seed gives mother nature the chance to grow a Kiri tree, a powerful force in her carbon fighting arsenal. The Kiri tree sequesters ten times the amount of carbon dioxide the average tree will over a given period of time. Eight trees can negate the effects of one semi truck. This tree can be a part of a global carbon solution. And we want you to be a part of that solution. Drink a mantis, plant a tree, support our earth and our future. 

                                       Ford Seeman        
                                               Mantis Destroyer   


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Kiri Coffee - Every Bag Sold Plants A Tree!
"Every Bottle Sold Plants A Tree!"

Mantis Destroyer Energy Shot
The Team

Marcus Coleman -Branding

Jackie Fong - Owner
Noah Greewood - Creator
Ford Seeman - President
Chris Sanders - Eco Branding Partner

  Thank you for helping us plant more trees
Drink Mantis Destroyer Energy Shot today!

kiri coffe every bag sold plants a kiri tree

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